What’s in my travel carry on bag / luggage 2018?

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Hey Rebels! , I’m re writing this post in 2018 as a update to my former 22 year old self in 2012. I had originally posted this with a list of things I would carry in my  travel bag, and looking back now its quite hilarious that  I walked around with a Kindle in a juicy bag and sticky lips. oh how times ave changed and would I wear lipgloss now?  I probably wouldn’t rule it out, but the chances are slim. So what would I actually have in my travel carry on bag in 2018?

Whats in my carry on bag 2018? vs 2012 | Luxemillennial.com

What’s in my 2018 travel bag

When it comes to packing light, i’d say i’m a pro at this point. I used to be a morbid over-packer, but times have changed. I’ve suffered enough TSA drama for my liking and now it’s quick zip go! I only every carry a backpack or a simple rolling suitcase. I can’t deal with handbags or shoulder bags anymore, I need the freedom to hold my coffee in peace!


My phone is the obvious first choice when we’re taking a look inside, but I actually use a self charging battery phone case when i’m on the go! I’m a Snapaholic so my battery is usually drained before I get on the plane! I still bring a backup usb charger to make sure I NEVER loose the juice. Depending on where i’m going i’ll bring my Macbook with me, or my Ipad, or sometimes both! Headphones are an absolute necessity, and they must have noise cancellation while sitting comfortably on my ears for at last 8 hours straight!


A compact mirror is a must have, since I tend to not wear makeup when on the plane. I typically opt for false whispy eyelashes and keep it moving. Of course I bring backup lip options jut incase, like my NYX soft matte Lip cream and MAC lipstick. A hand lotion is a must and i’m currently coveting this one by Clarins. (Bring on the baby soft hands!)


Haribos  and golden Oreos… seriously that’s it .. no other snacks needed!


The boring stuff…. passport, boarding tickets , yada yada yada . OH and my Personal Planner with a super cute stylus pen and  pastel copic marker!

So that’s it! EVERYTHING I would bring with my in my carry on bag in 2018. Anything else I need I usually buy at my final destination or at the airport.

Let’s take a trip back in time and see what I would have brought with me in my travel carry on bag in 2012! the remainder of the post was written 05/09/2012

I don’t get to travel often but when I do there are a few things that are a MUST in my carry on luggage!

For the luggage bag I always choose a big tote  that way I can store all my knickknacks!

What’s in your travel carry on luggage?

Comment below and let’s chat!




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