What’s In My Bag?

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Hey Lovelies! 

As promised I have a what’s in my bag/purse post! 

I recently purchased a new bag that I literally have been drooling over for months but it was never in stock whenever I went to the store! Luckily I have a friend who works there so I was able to have her keep a look out for whenever a new one comes in . Literally as soon as it hits the shop floor its gone in less than 2 hours and they only every sell one or two at a time! That being said I am Super grateful to my friend for grabbing the latest available bag for me and I could not be happier with my choice! 

So lets jump right in and snoop through my bag because I know thats all you really care about πŸ˜‰


The Bag i’m currently using is from Clarks Shoes . Its 100% genuine Leather , which is Perfect for the completely unpredictable weather we have here .  The bag contains three sections, with the centre section having a zip and also a flap to go over the top, to secure all three parts. It also comes with a detachable cross body strap which may come in handy when I start back at Uni. For now , I will not have the strap attached and I will not have any school related supplies in my bag πŸ™‚


These are the beauty and fashion related items I like to keep with me at all times , sometimes ill alternate certain lipsticks or mascara. If i don’t carry my makeup bag with me then all ill bring are these few essentials! Also I always like to keep my outfits interchangeable from day to night, so if at the last minute I get invited to go out and I don’t have time to change , ill throw on these few accessories and it dresses up my outfit instantly!

Mascara- Barry M
Bath and Bodyworks – Sweet Peony Dream Hand Lotion
EOS Lip Balm- Mint
MAC Lipstick- Chili
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation – NW50
H&M- Foundation Brush
Bow Ring – Charlotte Russe
Black Chain Necklace – Forever 21
Chunky Black & Gold Necklace – Forever 21


These items are all products that MUST be in my bag regardless of anything else . As I mentioned , the weather is completely unpredictable here so an umbrella is completely necessary. I carry around a small one because its compact and easy to store in my bag , however it’s not the most practical. I have had numerous fights with the wind, and have been unfortunate to  have my umbrella fly inside out and even out of my hands sometimes! (windy rain I WILL defeat you… ONE DAY! lol)

If i dont have a comb and a brush ill be walking around like Medusa, my hair will literally be so tangled It will look like im wearing a head of snakes! so i refuse to leave the house without my brush and comb. That way I can do myself and the surrounding public a favor by keeping my Maine tamed!

My keys are also essential, the last thing I need is to be locked outside! No this is not a “whats in my travel bag” , and yes I walk with my passport!  I travel so much that it makes more sense to use my passport as ID, otherwise ill be walking around with 3 or 4 different IDs lol . I also change my passport cover like it’s my phone case . I have no idea why , I just really love the different styles you can purchase. I like to keep my wallet small and simple , I try not to carry cash around with me , it’s safer that way. So I use my mini wallet to carry club cards and a few dollars or pound notes here and there.

Umbrella – Sainsburys
Comb – Marshalls
Brush – TJMAXX
Bus Keychain – London
Kathy Charm Keychain- Kathy Purse I previously owned
Kate Spade – Passport Cover
Kate Spade – Wallet


These items are optional but I usually carry them around every time I go out for the day . When I go out there is a 99% chance ill end up in Starbucks, so this is the time ill whip out my latest read and possibly touch up my nails!  I have a top up Starbucks gift card that I put $20 a month onto just so I have an excuse to go every once and a while πŸ™‚ If I don’t feel like reading my book , then i’m always in the mood for a magazine to get video or blog ideas from.

Starbucks – Gift Card
Topshop – Nail Polish
Book- Will Grayson Will Grayson
Elle Magazine – January Issue


You guys all know I have a soft spot for electronics , in fact for valentines day … if i had a valentine….. I would have been madly in love with him if he bought me an electronic device .. rather than flowers lol. Well you should all know that my Ipad is my second child, It doesn’t leave my side if they made hip  pouches for Ipads I would buy 7 .. one for every day of the week lol πŸ™‚ The case (which you can’t see) is a colorful designer Coach case. … I deliberately didn’t show you because ill be showing you in next  weeks blog post . Along side my Ipad is my Iphone with a Kate Spade case . Obviously you can tell I have a slight obsession with Kate spade lol  Usually my iphone is in my coat pocket but every now and again ill throw it in my bag .

Apple Ipad – 4th Generation
Iphone 4s – Kate Spade Case

So that is it guys! 

You just got a sneaky peekaroony into my bag ! 

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Abbigayle Warner 

Come back next week Thursday for | Whats on my Ipad!? |

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