40 + Valentines Day Date Ideas for couples

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It’s about that time of the year that half of us dread. Good old valentines day, the one day of the year we feel bad about ourselves for not having a bae. The other half is looking forward to “sexy time”, bear hugs , presents and of course the date! If you are stuck for ideas and can’t decide what to do this year , here are 40+ valentines day date ideas !

40 + valentines day date ideas | Luxemillennial.com

yes thats bae and I above lol you only get feet! 🙂

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20 valentines day date ideas

  1. Have a bohemian inspired romantic outdoor sleepover
  2. Go ice skating – If you feel like your’e going to fall (or pretend to fall ) prince charming can swoop in and catch you 🙂
  3. Plan a romantic Glamping getaway!
  4. Buy some Victoria secret Lingerie and be there waiting when he comes home
  5. Go for a good old fashion long drive (for old times sake)
  6. Plan a couples bath with rose petals , candles and champagne
  7. Or simply go out for champagne
  8. Go for a romantic ferris wheel ride and see the city
  9. Go out for authentic Italian Pizza , because pizza solves everything!
  10. Why not go and see a concert.. or not see it, up to you !
  11. Go to a cocktail party! The Perfect excuse to get dressed up
  12. Book a romantic hotel suite overlooking a lake , for the perfect morning view!
  13. Go for an ocean swim together, Or maybe a skinnydip?
  14. turn your livingroom into a palace and treat them like the king/queen they are!
  15. Set up a romantic beach dinner and listen to the sound of the ocean.
  16. Do something completely daring you would never normally do! Like cliff hanging!
  17. Keep it simple. make pancakes and waffles for breakfast and eat it in bed!
  18. Have a simple coffee date in a remote location.
  19. His and hers Starbucks run! – This could be romantic if you take your starbucks for a walk in the park too!
  20. Picnic on a lake always goes down well!

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  21. Set up a romantic glam pingstyle bed/tent in the backyard!
  22. Have a group rooftop dinner date with friends!
  23. Go to a black tie event together
  24. Watch an outdoor movie on the lawn! Super romantic!
  25. Go luxury shopping! Treat each other
  26. Visit a day party and sip on champagne
  27. Set up a neon paint photoshoot! You can blast your partner with paint bombs , take cute photos, then go home and clean up together!
  28. Go for a cutesy walk though the park in corny matching sweaters!
  29. Pretend you’re a high roller and go on a yacht ride together!
  30. Watch the sunset together, or sunrise!
  31. Go out for frozen treats together
  32. Go for a good old fashion burgers, fries and milkshakes! Don’t worry you can sweat off the pounds later!
  33. Maybe keep it classy with couples sushi instead!
  34. Go to a indoor garden , or flower garden!
  35. Take some time to relax and cuddle on the beach!
  36. Use your front port to build a cosy fort, set up the Nextflix and keep it chill! (or hot)
  37. Grab milkshakes with friends!
  38. Have a walk in the rain under one umbrella and try to re create the best 90s ro-com movie scenes !
  39. Plan a tropical vacation together! everything is great in paradise.
  40. put your couches together and turn them into a cosy bed nest!
  41. Have a fantasy night where you live out each-others bedroom fantasies
  42. Treat it like any other day and have popcorn and Netflix on the couch!

What do you have planned for valentines day?

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40 + valentines day date ideas | Luxemillennial.com


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