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It comes with great pleasure and a tiny bit of sadness to announce the end of
I started this blog 4 years ago with zero clue how to write a blog post. I knew how to design a blog and I knew that I wanted to get my feelings and thoughts out ; so blogging became my platform to do that. Over time I’ve gravitated towards many different markets, but never found my niche. The blog went from fashion, to beauty to lifestyle, to travel, to an all around hot mess of everything. There were times when I gave up and took a 6 month break, then I’d jump back in full force.
Needless to say it had been hard to stay motivated with this blog. I’ve made hundreds of new friends, been awarded an insane amount of opportunities, networked my pants off but remain unsatisfied.

Thanks to my blog I’ve been able to do things I never thought I would ever get to do. Which is why i’m more motivated than ever to take the leap and start a new venture. I enjoy blogging about products and fashion, but I’ve always enjoyed writing about my experiences and travel too. I spend roughly 6 months of the year traveling to various places and it never occurred to me to just blog about it!

As a single mom traveling the globe with a little one isn’t easy. That being said, having traveled so many times i’ve found a million and one tricks to the trade to make my life easier. All while enjoying that luxe experience.

Which in-case you haven’t guessed, I’m starting fresh in the blogging world with a new blog called

I’ll be sharing with you my travel adventures, as well as giving you all the awesome tips I uncover while on the go.  I’m embarking on my final year of university and prepping for my big move back to USA from the UK  in 2018. I hope this new blog can provide me with bigger and better opportunities in my future home .

Want to know what my new blog is all about? 

If you love to travel, get organised, make money, and live a luxe life, then you have landed in the right place!

Hi I’m Abbi,

I’ve been designing and blogging for over 5 years, and I teach other bloggers and mamas how to live a luxe organised life.

I’ve been traveling every year since I could remember, so exploring the world is imprinted into my bones. I’ve spent 8+ years living on the east coast of USA where I’ve barely scratched the surface of exploring.

Globetrotting is awesome and I’ll be sharing my family trips with you here on Her Luxe Travels! & When I’m not not busy enjoying my own Luxe vacations, I’m going to show you:

How to start and have a kick ass blog

How to make awesome designs and blog elements with PHOTOSHOP & ILLUSTRATOR

How to make easy money online with Passive Affiliate income

So you can start planning your next vacation Right away!

I currently hold a HND, HNC and Btec for Graphic design, an Associate’s Degree and won awards for my work as a student, but you can learn much more about my academic achievements over on my LinkedIn page. With this knowledge, I’ll be passing it along to YOU so you can create your own killer content for your blogs and your personal planners/ Travel Journals!


Want to get started on Her Luxe Travels?


So in conclusion I say goodbye to the old and hello to the new 🙂

All of my top posts /Partnered posts will remain online for you to read and enjoy for another year. After that we will OFFICIALLY be 100% Dedicated to Her Luxe Travels.

If you are a PR company and have worked with me, I will be contacting you, updating you of my new blog details.
If you are a new PR company and would like to work with me  please send all emails to and reference that you are coming from Stealstylist

I’m still available on all social platforms
links are below :


See you on the flip side 🙂


I’m a sassy Graphic Designer Millennial Mommy actually making sense of “Adulting”. I started the blog Stealstylist 5 years ago and turned it into Luxe Millennial where now all of my early twenties ramblings are housed! I talk about my Fav fashion and beauty picks while putting my Design Degree to use with Weekly Edits! Follow along my totally random and probably failed life encounters here then catch up on my travel excursions over on :)

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