The Body Shop Insta Glow CC Cream, All In One BB Cream Swatches

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The BodyShop is my go to home for skincare when I want to buy an entire system without breaking the bank. Yet considering how much I spend on lotions and shower gel from them , i’m surprised i’d never tried their makeup. I can pretty much guarantee it was down to fear of wasting money because it doesn’t match. brown skin girls always get the short straw with that , which is why i’ve always stuck to my habits. That being said I decided to broaden my horizons and I hosted an event for The Bodyshop’s new products launch! Here is a first look at The body shop Insta glow range.

Instaglow CC Cream • The Body Shop • $22
Fresh Nude Foundation • The Body Shop • $25
All-in-OneTM BB Cream • The Body Shop • $20

Insta glow range first look on brown skin

I hosted an  exclusive event at The Body Shop Birmingham New Street , where we had the opportunity to test out the latest products by The Body Shop before they were released. They have just released their Insta Glow Range  and I managed to be among the first to grab the Brand new Insta Glow CC Cream (Released late May 2016). I’ve also been on the hunt for a foundation that matches my exact skin tone (when am I ever not hunting?), so I had a colour match for the Fresh Nude Foundation.


This applies in a white creamy texture with small micro beads. The micro beads expand and activate as you apply pressure.


It has to be applied first before any other makeup . If you have any other foundations or BB creams on it will match to the colour of the foundation rather than your skin.




This is an oil based product with a very thick consistency.


You only need to use a dime sized amount to get a full dewey coverage . If you apply any more, your face will start to look overdone.


It rubs off everywhere. My hands are completely covered as soon as I touch my face.



This is an oil based product providing you will a full coverage look , but very lightweight. The product has red undertones to help give you a bronze glowing look

The Body Shop Insta Glow CC Cream, All In One BB Cream and Fresh nude foundation Swatches on brown skin |

You can tell from picture 3  in the swatch test that the BB cream is the best match for my skin, however I find the coverage to be too light. If I apply more layers my skin becomes very oily an shiny throughout the day. The Fresh Nude Foundation is the best consistency for me, however it’s not the exact colour of my skin . When we had the colour match I was a mix of the Caribbean Mahogany and the Shade Below.  The Insta Glow CC cream I think is fantastic! If I want a sun kissed holiday look, this is the product i’ll use. I won’t apply anything underneath as it’s a thick consistency that will give me the moisture my skin needs on those dark dry muggy days.



The Body Shop Insta Glow CC Cream, All In One BB Cream and Fresh nude foundation Swatches on brown skin |


What are your thoughts On these products? Have you ever used them before?

Will you be picking up my favourite , the Insta Glow?

Sound off in the comments below and lets chat!




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    Insta Glow sounds amazing and the perfect thing for summer!

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