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Hi Everyone!

This month has been jam packed with fun and festivities for me .
This weekend I was invited to an exclusive event with The Body Shop and Rakuten Marketing.

The Body Shop is launching several new product lines and asked a group of 20-30 bloggers to come to the launch party!  It was Fantastic!

I woke up early and headed off to London, Piccadilly Circus . Honestly I’m clueless when it comes to central London but it was fairly easy to find where I needed to go. I designed a little map with directions and my train itinerary in my Organizer and literally carried it the entire way there! 

Upon arriving I instantly made friends with two bloggers who were early birds like myself and we just chatted about our blogs and exchanged blog cards! 

I felt so blog savvy! šŸ™‚

 As We headed down into the Event room I didn’t know what to expect . 

However I was pleasantly surprised. It was Stunning! 

Body Sorbet

The entire room was filled with the new product lines and obviously I got camera happy. I was absolutely desperate to send out tweets and post to Instagram but I had no phone signal! (Gutted) 

Right away they handed me a lanyard name tag with my blog name on it and a goodie bag filled with some of the new product line!!

Wild Argan Oil Bubble Bath
(Ill be using this in the shower! I cant wait!)
Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil
( perfect to use on the go. If i need to lotion up Quickly before i leave the house, all i have to do is use this spray! It is the perfect product for me!)
Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil

( My fav! I tested this at the event and I will definitely be using this in my hair! )

White Musk Smoky Rose Mini Eau de Toilette
White Musk Libertine Mini Eau De Toilette
Nutriganicsā„¢ Drops of Youth
Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil 28ml
All-In-Oneā„¢ Instablurā„¢ Universal

The Argon Oil Range


Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion
Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub
Wild Argan Oil Bubble Bath
Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil
Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil
Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm

They are also releasing some new scents in the Hand Cream Line!
I tested them all and the Strawberry had me in heaven!

The NEW Hand Creams will retail at only Ā£3.50 each :
Coconut Hand Cream
Honeymaniaā„¢Hand Cream
Mango Hand Cream
Moringa Hand Cream
Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream
Shea Hand Cream
Strawberry Hand Cream

The product which I am most excited about is the nail polish line! I collect nail polish and I was over the moon that they were coming up with a colorful rage for me to collect!
The Body Shop is known for being 100% Vegetarian and Cruelty Free, so instantly I became interested in finding out about the quality and pigmentation of the Nail polishes.

I tested every color on my fingers and went home with rainbow hands!
I have to point out that five days later there is only minor polish chipping at the tips of my nails and no top coat was used!
The Polishes are comparable to Essie , however I would say they are at a higher standard because the pigmentation is incredible!

 I picked out my Top colours. These are the polishes I will definitely be purchasing once released!

My Top Picks From Left to Right
Mint Cream
Gorgeous Grey
Frosting Fancy
Hemp Over Heals
Deeply In Love
Just Peachy

The Event kicked off with a Product presentation, where we got to learn a lot about The Body Shop history and meet the Body Shop Director; Along with many other Important people. Following the presentation we got to Mingle with each other . I used this as an opportunity to network with the brand and other bloggers as much as possible!
The Nail Polishes will retail at Ā£5 each

During this time we got to have complimentary makeovers and massages! 

I have to say, I got a arm massage and It was just…..perfect! 

Then it was time for food and nibbles. 

There was a large variety of food placed around the room and it was very much so “get what you can before its gone!”

Did I forget to mention we had complimentary cocktails and wine all throughout the event? 

Aside from the Moroccan Argon Oil  , The Body Shop are also launching the New Body Sorbets! They are lotions designed to cool you down on a hot day as they have a nice cooling effect. Compare it to eating a breath mint and your nose clearing up, but scented in your favourite flavours! Such as mango and Satsuma! 

The Body Sorbets will retail at Ā£8 Each

Mango Body Sorbet

Satsuma Body Sorbet

 Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet will Retail at Ā£12

Overall I have to say it was a BRILLIANT event and I am so lucky and grateful to have been invited!

So what will you be picking up from The Body Shop’s New Collection?

Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo

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PS. Check out some of these special offers from The Body Shop! 

The Body Shop


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