Three Reasons to Feel Special – Steal Stylist Photoshoot

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The Start of something awesome begins here as the blog as we “knew” it  called is officially born. This blog is a place for me to blurt out whatever comes to mind! (In which it still is…) Before I had any knowledge of blogging, at all. Steal Stylist is a home for my sassy ramblings about Fashion ideas, and beauty reviews, with a sprinkle of my everyday bits and bobs. What better way to bring in the blog and feel special, than with a photoshoot?

Three reasons to love yourself and feel special |

The Main Reason I Feel Special

I teamed up with Darryl from Digital Image House, to have a photoshoot with my two favourite people! Let’s be honest, my 21 year old self could not be anything but awkward. Is it normal to have minimal makeup on when presenting a beauty blog? Probably not haha ! I did it anyway and loved every second of my short lived modelling dreams. If you want to see what NOT to do when modelling in your everyday chilling at home dress continue reading!


Three Reasons to Feel Special - Steal Stylist Photoshoot |

    1. It’s okay to be awkward.. everyone is.Calling all 21 year olds who don’t actually know how to talk to strangers and network with random people. It’s totally okay to be the person who casually half smiles and nods like they know exactly what’s going on. “I feel you” , “you feel you”, we’ve all been there..
      Seriously as long as you look put together, and appear like you know the deal you can fake it till you make it!.. or go home and cry into your pillow and eat a tub of ice cream . Your choice 🙂
    2. Be yourself Because if not you then who else? Nobody likes a copycat , why pretend to be someone other than what you are. Trust me your fun loving original being is better than anything you could try to be. It’s how you present yourself that matters most. Think of yourself like a Chameleon, with special abilities to transform yourself to that person who can handle whatever situation life drives your way. While maintaining your authenticity of course.
      If  Queen Bey was only Sasha Fierce and never Bey , would you still love her? Okay bad example, we love all of her alter egos. But surely you get my point, the best you is the only you!
      Remember that!Three reasons to love yourself and feel special |
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3. You’re pretty awesome Did anyone ever tell you that? If they didn’t then shame on them!  You are strong (even though The Notebook makes you ball like a baby). You have the ability to stuff your face with pizza and then binge watch an entire Netflix series in one night; all before your food digests and you slip into a food coma. Oh and then get up unnecessarily early for work/class/school the next day . Quite frankly i’d say you’re down right superhuman. But at least you’ll feel special …You’re Welcome

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Three reasons to love yourself and feel special |




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