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In the Spirit of the new month I decided to try out a new skincare line called Sond, After speaking with their team , they kindly send me the sond hydrating Face Spray to review . It arrived Very Quickly and was custom packaged which is awesome! Here are my thoughts on the product.

sond hydrating face spray review


This product is designed to prep and smooth the skin . The spray will give you a lightweight and refreshing moisture boost for all skin types. Being especially gentle on sensitive or irritated skin. To use the product , you simply shake well and mist it on your face and neck . Then gently press the product into your skin.

After using the product for about a week I initially thought it would be great for my skin; However being that I have combination skin , my cheeks dry very qucikly causing small dry eczema patches, but my t-zone and forehead would be perfect.

As this product is ideally made for you to use after cleansing and before makeup , I would recommend using it daily; However due to the dryness levels of my skin I have reduced to using it every few days. This allows the natural oils of  my skin to replenish .

Do I recommend it?

Honestly yes if you have very dry skin all over your face. Having combination skin didn’t allow the product to work best on my skin.

you can grab the spray here

If you want to find out more about SOND products , feel free to head on over to their website and check out some of their other products!

sond hydrating face spray review

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Have you ever tried any of the products  by SOND before?




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