Skinny Tan amazing new products will blow your mind

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Skinny tan is globally known for their self tanning products and quickly became a Millennial favourite brand. For someone who is constantly traveling, I like to stay brown all year round . That doesn’t necessarily mean using self tan , but actually using sun protective products to keep my skin healthy, glowing and fresh! Skinny tan is no secret in the travel industry, and this vegan brand is dropping four  new products hitting stores this March! How did we get so lucky! Oh and they are some good ones! From a Bum boosting cream to a refreshing coconut mist! Here is an exclusive look at Skinny tan’s brand new products to launch this Spring 2018!

Skinny Tan amazing new products will blow your mind|

Bum Booster by Skinny Tan 250ml – Launching March 2018

A nourishing cream for the derriere , because everyone loves a soft bum! Containing some of nature’s most powerful
To bring back the appreciation of the Great British bum,Skinny Tan has come up with the perfect, nourishing antioxidants, acai berry and nourishing cupuacu, mixed with stimulating guarana, pure caffeine, and creatine. Let your bum feel as smooth as a baby’s with a luxe vanilla and coconut scent!

RRP £19.99

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist 150ml – Launching February 2018

Skinny Tan’s new Coconut Water Tanning Mist is a must for self-tanning devotees who like to tan on the go.  If you live in the UK and are sick of the drab weather , You can add a little sunshine in the mirror and look like you just came back from a trip to Tenerife! This refreshing mist  is full of hydrating coconut , making it the perfect product to tan, nourish, and soothe skin in the spring and summer heat. Not only is it super light, but its as simple as spray and go; even on the face! 
RRP: £21.99 

BODY GLOW Skin Energising Cream 250ml -Launching March 2018

Expanding its BODY GLOW range, Skinny Tan’s new Skin Energising Cream is an all over body treatment. Still smelling divinely like vanilla and coconut, you will also be replenishing, moisturising and nourishing your skin; leaving you with a gorgeous healthy looking glow.
Similar to the Bum Booster, this too combines acai berry, cupuacu, guarana, and caffeine. Instead of creatine, it contains a small concentration of tanning DHA to give the skin a warm glow; cleverly using light refraction to help blur and disguise any unwanted imperfections.
RRP £14.99 

BODY GLOW by Skinny Tan Cooling Gel Aftersun 250ml – Launching March 2018

Another addition to the BODY GLOW range, Skinny Tan is releasing its first aftersun; a revolutionary product designed to both soothe the skin and enhance your tan. After a long day soaking in the sun, use Skinny Tan’s Cooling Aftersun Gel to nourish and repair the skin. This is something I definitely need to try as i’ve never know what to do for my skin after beach bathing for hours!. The hint of colour will amplify your tan, giving you a gorgeous glow day and night. The cooling gel contains an aloe vera base to help soothe the skin and support its recuperation after exposure to the sun, as well as an instant Skinny Tan tint to give your new glow a boost. Store in the fridge for an instant cooling feeling.  
RRP: £9.99

All products will be available to buy from SKINNY TAN  and Superdrug Stores. 

Have you tried any other Skinny Tan Products before?

Comment which ones you’ll be picking up this spring!






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