Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 1 SHORT RECAP (SPOILERS) – GAME OVER CHARLES!!

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Hey guys I don’t normally do episode responses but after being such a PLL fan for so many years and staying up until 1am UK time just to watch the premiere , I felt that since i’m loaded on coffee I can write a quick review while its still fresh in my mind!

ok so where to start? I’ve been reading numerous amounts of conspiracy theories on Tumblr all week and hyped myself up for this episode ,which might I add was absolutely gripping!  i’m going to give you a very short and condensed summary of the episode followed by my numerous remaining  and brand new questions!

The episode started with the girls still in the house and the final scene of the season 5 finale , where they tried to make their great escape. Only this time we saw from a  different perspective, a mystery girl is also in the house , dressed in the exact same clothes that Ali wore the day she was “murdered”. She had markings on the wall as if she had been counting the days she had been there and from those markings it looked like she had been there for years! Ultimately I assumed it was Bethany Young.  

As the episode continued it just got darker and darker. We finally got to see a nice and venerable side to Ali while also seeing her take part in a master plot with the boys Caleb , Toby and Ezra to try and find the girls. Tanner continues to be suspicious and annoying and she tries to control the entire situation , (while failing might I add). They were able to carry out their amazing plan to save the girls at the end of the episode. 

Alison decided to use herself as bait to lure in Charles because they all know that Ali is the main person he wants, so the boys attached a tracking device to her and followed her to the woods where she figured out the girls are being kept hostage.  However Charles already planned to lure in Ali and had already set his plan in motion long before they even thought of theirs. Next thing you know Ali is in the woods standing right above the secret lair wearing the exact same outfit she wore the night she “died”, meanwhile the girls were given access by Charles into “Ali’s room” where he creepily stole all of her belongings from her Actual room, and as the girls rummaged they searched and found a secret passageway into Charles’s room with all of his prized family possessions. Meanwhile Mona has been banished to the Hole.. which is literally a really deep hole in the ground for trying to rebel against Charles.

The girls get to the room and spencer plays the same tape she saw in the previous episode for all the girls to see . (I don’t understand why he would keep the tape in the machine at the exact same start point but whatever) Spencer rips out the cord and starts a fire, then tries to threaten Charles by burning all his belongings, at this point Charles is stuck on whether he should run and save his belongings or grab Ali outside, his one chance to grab the girl he’s been waiting years to get. He reluctantly chooses the fire alarm after creepily staring at the girls through a glass window first.

This shuts off the electricity and opens all doors, the girls run out and find Mona , (who is practically dying and starving) and somehow magically pull her up out of the well with a tiny rope (that was just sitting on the side). At this point caleb and Ezra find Ali in the woods and hear the fire alarm and see smoke , then call toby . Then literally 20 seconds later theres a police squad outside (no idea how they got to the woods that fast in the middle of nowhere) and the girls happen to find the exact exit point the boys were standing at. They climb up a ladder and are seen running out of some double doors which is even weirder because they were last seen climbing upwards one at a time , but they all come running out in unison!?!?

At the end of the episode they are all safe and in the arms of the ones they love . Then an officer finds the mystery girl . When asked her name she said Sarah Harvey.  Sarah is the girl Hanna found on her computer that went missing the same day Alison did. The girls did some digging a few seasons ago and talked to her “friends” who didn’t really like her anyway. Long story short one of her friends say they saw her the day after Alison’s murder, riding her bike, her bike was found but she wasn’t.

So there you have it a quick episode recap .

Now for the questions

Where were the girls parents the entire episode? seriously why have  we still not seen one single parent? and why has no one told them about A?

Why is tanner still doubtful after seeing all the evidence? 

What the heck happened to them in the room ? 

(They came out like they were sexually assaulted!?!?)

Why was spencer dressed like an old grandpa about to play golf?

Why is Aria’s hair looking completely different? ( she got a hair cut and highlights though? )

Why did mona still have curls in her hair?

How did they get mona out of the well so fast?

How did they not all choke on the smoke from the fire?

How did A take EVERYTHING from Ali’s room but she didn’t even notice a single thing was missing?

Did A plant the phone in the house or is Jason working with A? (the timing was all too convenient)

That guy they saw in the surveillance video was said to be Andrew but I swear it looked like Ezra! right?

Why did Charles kidnap Sara?!

HOW DID THEY USE THE TOILET!? There were no bathrooms…. especially in mona’s well….lol

How is Andrew related to all this?  Andrew is not A … that would be ridiculous … 

Why is Andrew keeping a journal  of everything the girls do and HOW did the police get it?

Charles is Ali’s big brother and Jason’s little brother (not twin) and he’s the love child of Toby’s dad and Ali’s mom. No idea what the traumatic drama is as to why he’s completely insane but I think he kidnapped Sarah and thought it was Alison  , then realizing it wasn’t he kept her hostage this whole time to pretend to be Alison for his sick and twisted dollhouse game. She was just a placeholder until he finally got his hands on Ali. I think she was terrible at the job so he kidnapped Mona because she knows everything about Ali and therefore would be a better Ali.
TBH I know a lot of you are over the whole Ezra is A thing but there is just something about him that seems really off to me. Can’t put my finger on it but I wouldn’t rule him out as being part of this mess. 

so that is my deliberation guys! please let me know your thoughts it  the comments down below! I NEED ANSWERS!!!

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Lotsa Love 


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