My Top 5 Makeup Brushes

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Hey lovelies! This post as been a long time coming, as I  had planned to do this post months ago , but somehow could not take the “perfect” picture! (no really my bushes were never actually clean enough to photograph lol )

I am one of those people who gets up in the morning , gets washed dressed and does her makeup , regardless whether i’m actually going anywhere. That’s because i’m either going to film for my channel, or for the sudden mood change I may have and do decide to go out somewhere. When doing my makeup, although I have a decently large amount of makeup brushes , there are a certain brushes I grab straight away.

Vincent Longo 28 Buff Brush
I’ll instantly grab this brush for an all over foundation coverage . Its perfect for blending in a concealer highlight and a Contouring bronzer. There will be no brush strokes on your face. The only problems I had with this brush were the first 4 or 5 uses there was a Large amount of shedding! (very very annoying) However after washing the brush, (which I should have done when I first bought it) number 28 became my go-to foundation brush that I’ve had  for about 3 years now and its still going strong!

H&M Foundation Brush
This brush was a recent purchase of mine, I was on the market for a smaller foundation brush and could not be happier with my choice! It’s completely budget friendly and has ZERO shedding. Perfect for light foundation , such as Tinted Moisturizer and Bb Creams.

Vincent Longo 26 Highlighter Brush (currently unavailable)
This became my blush brush right away. There was no question what I was going to use this brush for when I purchased it. Although it may have been made for other uses, it has served be well as a brush for applying the perfect amount of blush . Especially when using darker toned blushes, you are about to apply a light coverage. (unlike the thicker brushes where you end up applying too much and look like a clown…. yes i’m guilty of it) The bristles thin out at the end so it makes applying powder blushes a breeze.

Blush Brush
I wish I could tell you who makes this brush but I honestly don’t know. My cousin had left this brush at my house when we were having a major makeup Session and it became my new contouring brush! If you have seen this brush before then please tell me what set its from because I surely would love to know. (can’t ask her because I don’t want her to know I have it lol ssshhhhhhhhh)

Urban Decay Powder Brush
I actually use this to apply powder … surprisingly  …lol I use this to apply any loose powder or to apply a finishing powder . Although I don’t use powder everyday, spring is upon us and ill be using it much more over the next few months!



£24.50 House of Fraiser


H&M – BB cream brush – Black – Ladies £5.99

Have you ever used any of these brushes before? and what are your favourite brushes? I’d love to know!

Leave A comment down below so we can chat!

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