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Recently I discovered this brand MONU while attending a Blogger event in Bloggers Fashion Week. Admittedly I had never heard of the brand prior to this event and quickly wrote them off as just another natural skincare company. After Speaking with the reps about the products they offered , this particular product caught my eye. A product that will supposedly improve my complexion, brighten the skin and is completely Paraben free!? Of course I jumped at the opportunity to hear more, and as it turned out I had the Brightening boost product in my goodybag during the event !

Monu Brightening Boost Review |

Monu Brightening Boost review

As soon as I got home from London, I tried it out and I was pleasantly surprised!  Now after roughly 3 weeks of usage I can honestly say I feel like my skin appears clearer and more refreshed. I used to find myself loading on loads of makeup daily to even out my complexion. Although my complexion is not even yet, I feel as though I can apply a thinner layer of foundation. using a simple light powder and be fine.

I suffer from dry skin on my face if i don’t thoroughly moisturise. Typically I have to apply a very specific amount or my skin will get oily in my t-zone area. I have found that this product is lightweight but incredibly hydrating.  At night time I haven’t needed to apply any additional moisturiser, although it is recommended to do so.

It is also recommended to use the product primarily in the morning however I have found it to be much more beneficial to use morning and night (OR it could just be my complete obsession with the product)

Brightening Benefits 

  • Boosts your skin with Vitamin C
  • Niacinaminde & Hexapeptide-2  will help reduce any sun damage you amy be suffering from , and also will help prevent sun damage.
  • Let’s not forget the most important feature, the beneficial help with Hyper-pigmentation, including Age spots!
  • Wild Yam Root Extract to help overall improvement of your skintone

The product also includes many other beneficial factors such as anti ageing properties and extracts to help plump the skin.

This is for sure a product i’ll be re-purchasing, I simply can’t get enough!

Grab the brightening boost here

Monu Brightening Boost Review |

Let me know if you have ever tried any Monu Products before, in the comments below.


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