Monthly Fashion Edit 2018

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Hi lovelies! Every Month I’ll be bringing you my Monthly Fashion Edit to this Post!  Showing you what i’m loving and what’s Popular in  my Fashion Bubble. Feel free to pin each months image as they come!
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Monthly Fashion Edit January 2018

01. I.AM.GIA Pixie Teddy Coat
02.Urban Outfitters UO Audrey Long-Sleeve Wrap Midi Dress • Urban Outfitters
03.ASOS Wool Coat in Check • Asos
04.BDG Cable High/Low Crew Neck Sweater • BDG
05.1822 Denim Step Hem Skinny Jeans • 1822 Denim
06.Missguided Gathered Sleeve Blazer • Missguided

This month i’ve been keeping it cosy with a sweater on most days, paired with skinny jeans , boots and an oversized coat during class days. On simply days out to the shops , you’ll find me rocking a denim jacket and thigh high boots! Because I can’t say no to warmth and comfort!
*Topshop Oversize Denim Jacket • Topshop
*Techno canvas backpack • Gucci
*Leith Ruched Long Sleeve Dress • Leith
*Echo Fur Pom-Pom Beanie – 100% Exclusive • Echo
*NARS Nouvelle Vogue Lipstick- 0.12 oz. • NARS
*Serge Lutens Beaute Nail Polish #1 Faux Semblant/0.33 oz.
*Amrita Singh Women’s Oversize Disc Stud Earrings • Amrita Singh
*Catherine Catherine Malandrino Sorcha Over-the-Knee Boot • Catherine Malandrino

What are you liking this month? Comment below and let’s chat!

SIDE NOTE – Take a look at my first ever fashion blog post back when I was 16 – 3 LOOKS ONE DRESS! Inspired by Magazines I put together this cute edit! – 2006

three looks one dress |

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