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Recently I picked up this book by Lauren Conrad because, well let’s face it , I judged the book by it’s cover! I’ve ben following her blog and her style since the reality tv days so It looked like something i’d be interested in. let’s just say it its the perfect coffee table under the pot of flowers type book and definitely not a “must read”. Here are my thoughts on the Lauren Conrad Style Book.

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Lauren Condrad Style Book Review | LuxeMillennial

Lauren Conrad Style – Book Review

Since all reviews either start or end with a rating, i’m just going to go ahead and say 3 out of 5.

Since Lauren Conrad is only a few years older than me, I thought I was going to find this book somewhat relatable. Unfortunately most of it was written for teens who don’t know the
fashion basics. Honestly most of the information she talked about in the book, I already knew and I think any early twenties millennial would know too! But hey if you are  a tween and need fashion and beauty advice then this book is “toats for you”.

I’ve been a big fan of LC since The Hills aired and I’ve been loving following her fashion style, and her journey to a full
fledged fashionista. In this case the book just wasn’t my cuppa tea,that being said I would definitely buy another one of her books in hope of something more appealing! WE ARE NOT RULING OUT FUTURE BOOKS LAUREN!


First of all the book had plenty of pictures which quite frankly did wanders for my short attention span. I love visuals and its a great was to really get a sense of what she is talking (not not so much talking) about.
The book was separated into three sections :

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle

My favourite part of the book was “mastering your closet” which came under the Fashion section. I’m always looking for inspiration and new ways to organise my room or my closet, and her tips was down right A1! After reading she had me thinking about what colour hangers to switch my drab plastic dollar tree ones for!


On the downside, the most unrealistic part was her lifestyle
section. Lauren talked as if everyone lives a similar glammed up lifestyle with an endless options and possibilities! It’s 2012 a girl is struggling out here! Numerous times in the book she mentioned that her “personal tailor” will alter whatever
clothing doesn’t fit and whatever shoes are broken. FA REAL if I could afford a personal tailer, I would spend the money on something far more appealing and possinly world saving….just saying . Not to knock your hustle Conrad, but not everyone can afford to have a personal tailor!  Speaking for the millennials  we can’t go to the store and buy a
designer shirt that is the wrong size on purpose and expect to come home and get it altered.


Her beauty section was pretty much a guide to look like her and how to do her hairstyles. Which hey if you are Beautiful Blonde and Tan then this book is the perfect solution for creating a ton of  “different” (yet completely the same) looks!

Overall the book just wasn’t for me. It does however look FABULOUS on my nightstand, making me look sophisticated and what not !

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Have you read this book and do you plan on buying this book?

Comment below and lets chat!

ps.I do however recommend these books! MUST READS!

Lauren Conrad Style Book Review |

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