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Photo courtesy of Karen Julia Photography

Hiya everyone!

This post has been a long time coming!

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a friend of mine Kirsty Lo’s Birthday Party and WEBSITE LAUNCH at Marco Pierre White Champagne Bar! If you have been reading my posts previously then you would have seen a few posts that included her. She is the ambassador for Motives cosmetics, as well as many other companies, and she finally ventured out and joined the blogging community! In the short time i’ve known her i’ve really enjoyed her company and feel as though i’ll have a good friend for a long time! Kirsty is very much so a glitz and Glam person , so of course she couldn’t just have a birthday party in her room with a cupcake and a few friends, it wouldn’t fit her personality! She had a glamorously fantastic birthday party/website launch filled with some really prestigious people; Including the Lord Mayor of Birmingham , Miss Birmingham , Laura Hannon (creative director of the central school of makeup ) and many more! 

I put my Networking hat on a shook hands with as many people as I could!

Photo courtesy of Karen Julia Photography

Kirsty had a fantastic red carpet During the event, which I HAD to get a picture on. I also got to catch up with some of my fav blogger friends and We all took a group picture ! 

Photo courtesy of Karen Julia Photography


Zoe Archer-

Hannah Clementson –Http://

Kirsty LO –


Kirsty Newton-

Photo taken on my 600d camera

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham opened up the party with a  great speech , then followed a few warm birthday wishes from the sponsors and friends. During the night we had some fantastic singing from Tiffany Pang!

Photo taken on my 600d camera
Photo taken on my 600d camera
(Tiffany Pang)

Then followed a few great presentations from Motives cosmetics and also A Q&A with Laura Hannon! Finally it was time for the Raffle with some really great prizes!! (which might I add , I had NO CHANCE of winning because on of the guests bought literally the entire book! lol )

Photo taken on my 600d camera

Overall the event was a lot of fun and also an eye opening experience for me. I’m not use to going to formal events so it was a really great experience! 

Thank you so much Kirsty For inviting me and although this post is late the love of your birthday still lives on! 🙂 

Have you ever been to an event like this before?

Whats your fav event that you have been to since blogging?

Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo

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