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HEY Lovlies

The wonderful Jessica from invited me on Instagram to do this beauty tag and I LOVE  Tags so of course I Hopped at the chance to do it!

If you haven’t already, then go ahead and check out her blog and follow!



Its called TAG BEAUTY TALK and its a creative way for us Beauty lovers to share the best things  about beauty!


So lets get into the tag!!



What products have stood out to you this year?

I have really been loving MAC a ton more. Ive always been into makeup but since I started making beauty videos on youtube i’ve just become obsessed with makeup. The only brand i’ve found to really give me amazing coverage and amazing everything is MAC ! 


Which makeup items would you recommend for young girls or people who are just getting in to beauty?

I would absolutely reccomend drugstore makeup brands like Loreal and Rimmel in particular. They have a great line of makeup for a reasonable price. If you are completely clueless with makeup then I would choose the most inexpensive product you can find, such as Wet and Wild or Elf cosmetics and you can use their products to experiment and try out new looks. 


Favourite high street and high end beauty brand?

My two fav high end brands would be MAC cosmetics and Smashbox Cosmetics for sure! 
(I’ve been using the brow tech for years)


Most disappointing product you’ve tried?

Sephora Cosmetics Powdered foundation. I was super exited to try something new and affordable and i ended up being disappointed with the coverage, the colour ( I couldn’t find a perfect match ) and the quality! 


A beauty item you use everyday?

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner! All day Everyday! Wohhoo! 


What are you essentials for winter?

A very good face primer ( cold & dry weather = very dry skin)

Dark lip colours in Reds and Browns !


Your favourite product for a dramatic, party look?

I don’t have a specific product because it really just depends what i’m wearing but to be honest I wear a smokey eye 98% of the time when I go out so my go to products are always dark eyeshadows such as browns , blacks and I will blend these into a golden color! 


What’s on your Christmas wish list? (beauty wise….)

NAKED 3!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure its on every BEAUTY LOVER’S wishlist ! 🙂



I hope you enjoyed my tag! 


I tag : Kallie . Llewsoba . Stef. Julia . Christine . Melissa . Carly. Charlotte. Liliana


I look forward to ready your tags girlies xx


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  1. December 14, 2013 / 1:56 pm

    Thanks for tagging me, I'm really liking these question posts lately!!

  2. December 14, 2013 / 7:16 pm

    yeah me too! its ben so much fun! and no problem! your blog is very cool!

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