Jamie’s Italian Restaurant Review

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Last Friday I had the opportunity to be a VIP Blogger for Jamie’s Italian . If you are unfamiliar  with the restaurant , it is a franchise created by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, featuring authentic Italian food at an affordable and reasonable price.  I shared my experience with several family members, although it was not my first time visiting the restaurant, it was my first time going with my family. 


To jump right in , I felt the prices for all the meals were very appealing , typically if i go to a restaurant i expect to pay anywhere from £15 – £20 for my meal and an additional £5-10 for my daughters meal  (£10 being the ultimate maximum). I chose to order the  Jamie’s Italian  Signature Burger (shown in the image above)  which was priced at £10.95 plus an additional £3 for chips. for a fine dining experience i’m willing to pay that much for a burger , but in another situation I wouldn’t spend more than £5 on a burger alone.  The kids menu is a set price of just over £5 and that includes a meal with a drink which i also thought was great. other meals ordered were the Fish of the day which featured a sample size of each style of fish they offer and varies in price, and the other meal was the prawn linguini priced at £7.75 . Following my main meal I had the Epic Brownie priced at £5.45, which I felt like the brownie should have been bigger , however it was the perfect end to a satisfying meal. The quality overall was superb , I could tell they paid extra attention to the presentation of the food to make it look visually appealing. All of our meals were brilliantly crafted visually and tasted great.


I have to admit the restaurant was not the cleanest in the environment , I felt as though the wait staff did not clean the surrounding areas quick enough. there were some tables with a lot of mess on the floor, or the baby seats not wiped off properly. other than that it was very respectable.


overall i found my experience there to be great! would I recommend this restaurant to another , YES! 

I give Jamie’s Italian  FOUR out of FIVE STARS!  

Photo from http://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/ -EPIC BROWNIE

have you ever been there before? check out their website for a full menu and more  http://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/restaurants/birmingham


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