I’m A Lipstick Junkie! – My fav sticks & glosses

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Almost every time I go to  a beauty store I pick up a new lipstick or lipgloss. I’m not sure why , its just an obsession of mine!

Out of the 60+ lipsticks/ lipglosses I own, I managed to narrow down a list of my fav GO-TO glosses/balms for every occasion!

What I Would Wear :

When going to the club, I want my lips to pop so I always choose a gloss! Bright pinks and light reds always look great.  Sometimes it’s ok to choose a glossy nude, it really just depends how the fashion looks. 

 E.L.F super glossy lipshine

Liplicious (Black cherry)

NYX NUDE girls gloss

 Sephora -Peach Geelee

When at work your lip color needs to be a natural pink or a nude shade. NEVER wear lipgloss to work.  It’s way to appealing and can make you come across as someone you are not. 

Stick to lipsticks!! In fact lipsticks make you seem older and more sophisticated

Maybelline Pearly Pink lipstick


Colors 08 &14

Maybelline 215 Totally Toffee

A dinner party is where you can be a little more daring and go for different colors. I personally love red lips for a social gathering! Urban Decay has some amazing glosses , here are my fav three. The color comes out almost exactly like it looks in the tube, they are very bold. 

 Urban Decay- Quickie

Urban Decay -XXX SHINE

Urban Decay – Ultraglide

For a jog, to the supermarket , a run to the store etc. For all the simple things we do day to day when you really cant be bothered to put on a full face of makeup but you dont want your lips to look dry go for a lip balm!  They have no color but wil give you lips that sexy shine they need πŸ˜‰ 

I have tons of them but these are my ultimate favs!

I will just throw any one of these in my purse when im in a rush. 

I dont have any preference between them!

 Sephora super nourish lip balm

 NIVEA Naural glossy lip care



Rosy lips

Aloe Vera

Whats your go-to lipgloss?

Do you use any of the products I mentioned?

Leave a comment below and lets talk! πŸ™‚


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  1. February 5, 2013 / 2:50 am

    Oh love them <3
    I'm really liking the nude tones, just bought one recently and I'm loving it.

    Also the first one you posted looks amazing

    • February 7, 2013 / 6:50 am


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