How I Mastered The 600D | Goodman Photography Workshop!

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Hey everyone
Although we are now in Septemeber , I thought I would take it back to August for just one more day!

This Sunday I was invited to a Photography workshop hosted by Goodman in Birmingham.
In the workshop we learned how to REALLY use our camera . 

In other words we kissed good old Auto Mode goodbye! 

We all met up outside of Selfridges Bright and early at 10:15 

(Of course I made my Starbucks run before I headed over there! .. I can’t go to Birmignham and not stop at Starbucks)

I was all geared up to go with my cannon 600D camera & Galaxy Tab so I could post to Instagram right away!! 

As soon as we all met we introduced ourselves and headed over to the “Floosie” lol

Thats what us Brums call the Fountain at town hall πŸ™‚ & we had our first camera lesson!

We learned about symmetrical buildings and the best way to capture them!  Town Hall was our first subject. After taking a few pictures I finally got my “masterpiece”

Next we took a walk over to the new Birmingham Library, which was a harder subject to catch because of the levels and angles of the building! This is where we were all looking like “crazies” because we were practically laying on the floor to get a good picture!

A few of us took a cheeky selfie too πŸ™‚

Not exactly the most flattering picture of my face! lol 

After we headed to Jamie’s Resaturant for lunch! 

[My first time going so I was really stoked!]

I wanted to try something different and unique …… but I didn’t know what half of the things on the menu were! lol So I kept it simple and went with a Burger  !! LOL

Once again we all whipped out our cameras and took Photos of our plates! πŸ™‚

Although we were all stuffed from our yummy meals , the workshop wasn’t over! We then had to capture the iconic Selfridges Building!

Once again … we were laying on the floor lol  It was a tough building to capture but I think I got a some good Shots! πŸ™‚

We then headed up to the Bull. This area was tricky as there were four different views we could have captured I tired every angle but ultimately I think I chose the best angle here … possibly ….

To finish up we headed back to the “Floosie” to work on how to blur out the annoying public in a shot. I could not get this one right so I have no picture to show you lol ! 

We were also given goodie bags!!

Overall the workshop was just awesome! I learned a lot and had a great time!

I’m really happy that I was invited and would love to do one again! 

Have you ever been to a workshop like this before?

AND how well do you REALLY know your camera? lol 

Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo

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