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“Located  footsteps away from the beautiful Sand Key Beach, sits the luxurious Marriott hotel” . This hotel’s key location is what drew me in originally. It’s close enough to a quiet beach for my daytime relaxation, and only 5 mins away to the main Clearwater beach where all the night time action resides. The Marriott Clearwater makes the perfect getaway for the family possible… or does it?

My experience at the Marriott Clearwater

September 2016

Marriott Clearwater Review |

Initially arriving at the hotel I was displeased with the amount of construction going on. No where anywhere did that state that there was ongoing construction prior to booking online. With the sweltering heat, I was already a little bothered from the 40 minute drive from the airport, so to arrive at the hotel to find that there was ongoing repairs during our stay, without prior notice that this was going to be happening, did not sit well with me .

The bedroom suite

I stayed in a family room as I was sharing with my daughter, mother and cousin. The first room they put us in, was a room that had not been renovated yet, despite the fact that the hotel was mostly empty as it was off season and the upgraded/renovated rooms were all being sold under the sam package for the same price.  When entering the room the room had not been fully cleaned, and the fridge had leftover food that did not smell too pretty . Of course I let the front desk know about this and asked to be switched to a room I knew was clean. They were more than happy to accommodate, and they switched us to another non-upgraded room.

More issues

However, this time the issue was with the door. It did not lock, which meant anyone can go in and out fo our room by a simple push of the door. At this point I was very dissatisfied with the hotel and was ready to complain. I honestly just wanted to relax , get out of the heat for a little while and start my vacation. I let the downstairs desk know, and I asked again could they have someone to resolve the issue .

The result

Someone  came and spent roughly 20 minutes fixing the door. (I personally feel I should not have had to go through at all). I then looked in the closet to find a completely rusted shut ironing board which i needed to use this as we were going out.   The living room and the bedroom connected by a door in the centre of the room which seemed to get stuck shut.  After noticing this I was incredibly upset,  so I expressed my concern and asked if we would be moved to a room that had no issues. I didn’t want to be “that visitor” , but I felt with so many things going wrong , i should say something.  In which then they finally moved us to a room that had been renovated.

What the new room looked like

What next?

I did not let that damper my vacation  as the rest of the time spent in this hotel was almost wonderful. Saying almost because on the second night there they had a fire drill at 2AM. This caused the entire hotel to be evacuated.
I honestly could not make this up if I tried . The entire hotel was standing outside in the sweltering humid heat car park of the hotel. The hotel had nothing to say about this inconvenience we just had to “deal” with it . I had a 4 yr old and a 2 yr  old that had to be dragged out of their sleep for a fire drill. After speaking to other guests they had mentioned it had happened to them two nights prior, meaning twice in one week. We were not pleased at all.

Marriott Clearwater Review |


Marriott Clearwater Review |


Marriott Clearwater Review |
The next morning we head out for some pool time . The pool was breathtaking, perfect for Instagram photos  and  it attached onto the short boardwalk of stores next to the hotel . There’s even a Dunkin Donuts less than a foot away, which made my mornings perfect. The poolside bar was great, but I spend more of my money getting drinks in the restaurants nearby during the evening.

I had rented a car during my visit, and parking was free in the lot , which was great!

The main Clearwater beach is where I got my beach fix, but Sand Key is literally across the street . I preferred to go to Clearwater because it was much livelier and had more child friendly activities. Plus with Clearwater beach being right in the action of everything , it made me feel like I was enjoying a true family vacation.

I did not experience the restaurant cafe, however I did take full advantage of the snack shop . They brewed quality Starbucks coffee and Tea, and you already know i’m a coffee junkie so it was a match made in heaven.

Aside from the ongoing daily construction they seemed to have a pet parrot in lobby.  The screeching noise of the bird constantly through out the day, was completely unnecessary and irritating to say the least.


On the third morning we ordered room service . I was very specific about what I wanted to eat. My order was repeated 3 times to the person on the phone, yet they brought me the wrong meal . I let the front desk know in which they were happy to remove the charges from the room bill.

Marriott Clearwater Review | HOTEL REVIEW : MARRIOTT CLEARWATER FLORIDA - WHY I WILL NEVER GO BACK Marriott Clearwater Review | There were no kids activities or anything of the sort  during our stay , but i’m assuming that was due to it being off-season. I didn’t mind as we already had things planned at the beach .

Marriott Clearwater Review | HOTEL REVIEW : MARRIOTT CLEARWATER FLORIDA - WHY I WILL NEVER GO BACK Marriott Clearwater Review |

Overall my experience at the Marriott Clearwarter beach was DISSATISFYING. It’s a shame as I love Marriott hotels have stayed in plenty in the past. I would never return to this particular location for a family vacation.

Marriott Clearwater Review | HOTEL REVIEW : MARRIOTT CLEARWATER FLORIDA - WHY I WILL NEVER GO BACK Marriott Clearwater Review |

It’s sad that i’m writing a review that is less than positive with several hiccups. I enjoyed my time in the beautiful Tampa Florida and will for sure be returning to the city.

Marriott Clearwater Review | HOTEL REVIEW : MARRIOTT CLEARWATER FLORIDA - WHY I WILL NEVER GO BACK Marriott Clearwater Review |

Marriott Clearwater Review | HOTEL REVIEW : MARRIOTT CLEARWATER FLORIDA - WHY I WILL NEVER GO BACK Marriott Clearwater Review |

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  1. June 25, 2017 / 10:44 am

    I remember staying in a hotel several years ago where we had a fire drill at around 3am and I never went there again. I'm glad you had a great time despite the bad things that happened, and the view from your room looks spectacular!!

  2. June 25, 2017 / 11:03 am

    aw that would have sucked having such a crappy experience in paradise! Since I work in retail, reading about bad customer service gets me that bit extra.
    Unsure if I would have sucked it up or asked for a full refund and stay in a crappy motel that's probably better than the flash but awfully serviced hotel…

    Viv x

  3. June 25, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    I was on a business trip to Toronto during winter many years ago. The fire alarm went off at 6am. Luckily I was already showered and dressed and I quickly grabbed my coat and bag and left for the place I was working. Other unfortunate guests were forced outside in PJs and dressing gowns. It was -30 degrees Fahrenheit, well below freezing, plus there was a bitter cold wind from the lake which made it feel even colder. I was so glad I was still on UK time and got up early, as it must have been really miserable to be outside in that weather with insufficient clothing.

  4. June 26, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    This hotel looks amazing! I love staying at Marriot, but have never been to clearwater!



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