Getting Wet and Wild!!!! (Haul)

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So I did some shopping πŸ™‚ and I couponed my way to a bunch of wet and wild products .

I haven’t been the biggest fan of wet and wild products aside from their lipsticks but I thought I would purchase them because they were on an insane sale ! 

in total my bill came to $2.30 . CHEEAAPPP!!

I do have to say that i as pleasantly surprised at the quality of their products , i didn’t think for one second that it would be even comparable to some of the products I use. 

obviously I HAD to do some swatches for you just to prove to you that they ARE comparable to some of the better branded drugstore products!

I was on the market for a lighter blush , simply becuase its fall and I know that my skin usually lightens back up during this time , therefore i need to keep adjusting my makeup to fit my skin tone .

as you can see in the photo it’s really peach. I did try it on my face and it blends perfectly with my foundation.

I love it and it MAY just become my go to blush for the fall!!

mellow wine -833e | Blush

 This next product is a a creme eyeshadow pencil. i actually only purchased this because I managed to get it for only 5 cents!!  and boy oh boy i was soo happy I did . I wish they made more colors. They only make about 3 different ones (sad face)



I also purchased another color 

Graphite 135 | EYESHADOW STICK

NEXT  i have two lip shimmers 

natural blend lip shimmer 104 &106

the bottom two swatches are 104 and the top two swatches are 106 

I was rather dissapointed with this eyeshadow pallet becuase they pingemtation really sucks. the pink is so vivid and bright , but when I actaully swatched them , they looked really light weight and cheap (which they were) but I was hoping for better. 

Turns out this eyeliner is  really really dark! 

I definitly heart this!!

KHOL BROW/EYELINER PENCIL ( i have no idea who has jet black eyebrows lol but whatever)


I also recorded a video haul for you loveleys on my channel

But for your wonderful convenience I chose to link it below so you can watch it right here πŸ™‚

thanks for reading!

whats your opinion of wet and wild products?

do you use them? 

leave a comment below and lets talk! 

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