Beauty Ideas For Valentines Day

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Hey everyone! 

Since I totally played blog hookie last week and did not post anything , I thought I should make up for it with a good hearty post ! πŸ™‚

Valentines day is tomorrow and I along with many other girls have ZERO prospects for a date . To think about it, it would be awesome if some hunk showed up at my door with some flowers and chocolates like out of a romance movie! lol (I can only dream)

All that aside , valentines day is still on my brain and it’s always good to be prepared! 

 For the nails I would go for a gorgeous bold romantic red, however if red is a little to much for you, I would also choose a soft pink color . Soft pink will show your feminine and flirty side while being subtle. To top it off I would choose a matte top coat. I think the matte effect will make the nail look more down the earth rather than in your face with a shiny pazzaz!  

 For jewelry nothing says you’re girly like a set of pearls. I would choose to either go for a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet. If you are more on the bold side , you can drop a major hint by wearing  the “love” affirmation bracelet with a big chunky bracelet on the other arm like this white one. some may even go for the super arm candy and layer everything up! 

  For lips I also gave two options . The big bold red lip, or the subtle coral colored lip stain Personally I think a bold lip is sexy and its perfect for valentines day which  I have modeled in the photo below. In this photo i’m wearing the Lush Lip Tint “Santa Baby” it’s a Christmas only tint but its perfect for all year round!

 In the photograph below i’m wearing the so susan  Lip Stain. its a gorgeous coral/pink color and perfect for a subtle makeup look if you are going on a date. I would more than likely choose this look if I was going somewhere fun like bowling.

 For earrings I  always go for small studs . They are classic , simple and elegant . 

I recently purchased a new bag From Clarke shoes and I seriously LOVE IT ! although it may be slightly bulky for a sexy valentines night out , its a perfect day bag . It has ton’s of storage and its a gorgeous maroon color with a super thick leather and EXACTLY  what I need to carry my life into. (as we all do) 

Fun Valentines Date TIP!

If you go somewhere or do something that will get your heart racing , your body will naturally release endorphins and will sure put you all in a sexy mood for the end of the date!


I really want to give you some fashion tips but the locations of a valentines date are completely endless! so all I can tell you is wear something comfortable , sexy , doesn’t show too much skin and ooses confidence (whether you have it or not)

Ending Note
Just be yourself , have fun , don’t try and change yourself or hide your true personality because of a guy. If he likes you for yourself then thats all that matters . If your not yourself on your date then eventually he will see the real you , so why not let him decide on the first date πŸ™‚

So thats it for today ! I hope all of you lovely ladies have an awesome valentines day, and if you are not doing anything like me then ill see you all on YOUTUBE & twitter!  xo 

Abbigayle Warner 

Come back next week Thursday for | Whats in my bag! |

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