An Afternoon Of Pampering

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Hey lovelies! It’s Thursday! So you know what that meaaannnnnnnsss…. lol

YUP a new blog post !!

 That being said i’m feeling extra bloggy today, so I have not one, but TWO blog posts for you today. 

I refuse to leave the house today because my “darling” daughter decide to keep me up all night and wake me up ridiculously early! 

So in her nap time i’m going to take FULL advantage of that me time and pamper myself!

(If you’re a mother also, then you know just how stressful the terrible twos can be!)

First things first! pop the kettle on and make some coffee! 

I really sHould be napping along side my daughter since i’m sleep deprived , but since i’m not, I need a major caffeine buzz. When she wakes up she’s not going back to sleep until only god knows when!

Anyhoosers…. on to the good stuff!

The contacts come out and the glasses come on! 


It just so happens to be Co- wash Day today so i will be having the complete pampering experience ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The first thing i’m going to is wash my hair with my Argan Oil conditioner which I actually got from Poundland believe it or not! Its the best cheap conditioner iv’ve ever used. It completely hydrates my scalp and softens my roots! I use this once and really scrub it into my hair . I use it like shampoo, although it obviously does not lather up like shampoo , it cleans my hair really well. 

(especially if I haven’t been using many products  in-between washes) 

Next i’ll apply my olive oil replenishing conditioner. If you have ever used this company’s deep conditioning mask pack, then you’ll know what this is. Its the exact same thing, just in a bottle ๐Ÿ™‚

I LOVE this stuff , my hair its at its softest right after using this product. 

ill put this on my hair and cover it with a shower cap as it has to be left on for about 45 mins but I always leave it on for at least an hour!


Hey I gotta have a little fun right?

I blast all my fav KARAOKE jams and sing into my hairbrush for about 10 mins 

(You know you do it to so don’t judge me! lol )


What kind of pamper afternoon would this be without a face mask? 

I chose to use a face mask by LUSH cosmetics  called Catastrophe Cosmetic.

Im a huge fan of this mask because the consistency is thick like clay and the smell is divine!


While the face mask is soaking into my skin, it’s time to paint my nails! It’ spring and i’m really into the lighter pastel shades right now. So i’m going for a cute light purple!

What do you think?


Since I have another 10 mins for my nails to dry i’ll catch up on an episode of the Vampire Diaries 

( I’m on s4 ep21)

Once they are dry I can wash off my face mask and finish the episode until my daughter wakes up!

That’s it guys! 

My pamper afternoon is complete! 

When was the last time you had a pamper afternoon? 

What do you do when you have one?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Abbigayle Warner 


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