Amazing hair hacks you need to know, easy instant growth

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Taking care of my hair used to feel like a chore and I rarely did it. I wanted an instant formula to make my hair grow overnight without all of the work. Seeing all of the Youtubers having magic hair growth, yet my hair was suffering.  Little did I know there are actually tons of easy hair hacks I can do; that take little to no time and can help my hair get the nourishment It needs! 

Having had relaxed hair since I was ten, meant that I couldn’t actually remember what my natural hair looked like! So as of January 2017 , I decided to ditch the relaxer and see how it would grow; AND IT DID! but not much. My hair grew 3.5 inches longer by January 2018, without any regular maintenance conditioners, steaming or anything of the sort. I was under the impression that my hair stopped growing when I turned 15, so this was a shock to see actual healthy curls growing from my scalp. So I did it and took the plunge, to have my big chop down to 3.5 inches of hair; and i’ve never felt more exhilarated and excited about my natural hair before now!

I now take care of my har daily and I’ve been using a ton of natural products to take care of the moisture; and have been making sure I take part in protective styling. While my hair is going through a transition of short to long, having my hair in single braids is the best option for my lifestyle. That being said read on to find out some healthy hair hacks from this company I was introduced to,  E-salon!

Amazing hair hacks you need to know to help you get easy instant growth 


01.Keep your hair washing down to a minimum.

Washing your hair everyday can actually strip away your hairs natural oils, and deter hair growth! However If you are like me and naturally dehydrated, you may feel like you need to wash you hair to provide moisture. The best solution i’ve found is to substitute washday with a scalp oil! I wash my hair once a week then follow up with a gro therapy; and during the week i’ll add a spray oil daily. 

Amazing hair hacks you need to know to help you get easy instant growth |


02. Use a sulphate free shampoo

I’ve actually stopped using shampoo for every wash, and only use it once every two weeks!  I’ve substituted my shampoo for a nourishing conditioner and then followed by a leave in conditioner


Amazing hair hacks you need to know to help you get easy instant growth |


03. Rinse with cold water to eliminate frizz!

Frizz control is my number one priority, as curly hair is prone to frizz. Washing with cool water then following up with a frizz control serum ALWAYS works like a beast! 

Amazing hair hacks you need to know to help you get easy instant growth |

04. Use a coconut oil hair mask to nourish the scalp!

You can get 100% coconut oil from your local market, and trust me it does wanders for everything. Hair & Skin , It’s your go to.  I like to heat up two spoonfuls of coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds , then soak my hair in it for at least 3o mins. Wash it out and feel the nourishment! 

Amazing hair hacks you need to know to help you get easy instant growth |

05. Massage your scalp daily 

Before bed every night i’ll massage my scalp to help the blood circulation flow after applying a conditioner. As I mentioned previously I’m naturally dehydrated, and drinking tons of water can make me feel like i’m drowning. A great way to ensure my scalp gets enough blood flow is to massage it with my fingertips before I go to sleep! 

06.Use a silk pillow case!

Cotton can be brittle on the hair promoting breakage while you sleep. Swap it out for a silk pillow case and sleep like the queen you are!

07. Protective styling before bed!

This is something I never used to do ever! I would just go to sleep and hope for the best in the morning . My hair was constantly breaking every single day. Now Having my hair in braids is the best decision as i’m still learning to remember to wrap my hair at night. Having it in braids while sleeping can lock in the moisture and protect it from any pulling and tugging during the night!

Amazing hair hacks you need to know to help you get easy instant growth |

There you have it, 7 easy healthy hair hacks to promote instant growth! 

Ps. Although I don’t colour my hair, here is a great resource of custom colours! If you want your hair to pop this spring!

What kind of products do you use on your hair? and will you be doing any of these hacks?

Comment below and let’s chat!




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  1. February 18, 2018 / 3:45 am

    Your gorgeous and so is your hair! I used Maine & Tail when I was younger and loved it, I have no idea why I stopped using it. These are great tips and nothing I do on the daily. I’m pinning the post as a reminder to give my hair some lovin.

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