A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 3

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Hey everyone!
We are into week three of  “A week in my shoes ” already! Time has really flown and i’m actually starting to get the hang of this organsation thing πŸ™‚ This week was quite a special week for my event planner so I felt it was necessary to have a completely custom week insert.


 I attended A blogger workshop in London held by Rakuten Marketing | Linkshare.

 They gave myself and a handful of bloggers tips on how to become a better blogger and how to earn an income from doing it! They have this really nifty platform, that allows you to use affiliate links, to help blog readers find what you’re talking about on the web. 

I’ve been part of the network for a really long time , I just didn’t know how to properly use it to my advantage! They were really friendly and easy to talk to! I was able to ask them any questions with ease and I had a great time.

We played a little ice breaker game at the beginning, which I thought would be awesome to incorporate into the Birmingham Blogger Meet.  

On our name tags we all had a little symbol, and it represented a question we had to answer about ourselves. I had a cute little diamond ring on mine and it meant I had to answer 

” What is your favourite thing about blogging?”

My answer was  ” Taking photos , designing and just making everything visually appealing for my readers”  I’m a very visual person, so the less talking in a blog post , the better!


Overall I thought the workshop was very insightful and I now know that if i say ….

” I have been eyeing and LOVING this gorgeous dress from TOPSHOP

icon  It’s perfect for my shape and the colour really compliments my skin tone! 

I seriously cant wait to buy it!”

… notice that some of the words were highlighted? well that will take you directly to the product i’m talking about so you can buy it too !

OK so this isn’t brand new news,

 Bloggers have been doing this for years! lol


This day was incredibly special because I was askeed by the Big Brothers Bit on the Side team to come and be in the studio audience! I was so shocked and felt incredibly blessed. The #BBBOTS audience consists of people who are “somebody” (now im not talking famous or anything) but you will find a lot of people who have been on other reality shows. Also people who have auditioned and had a spotlight ect , up and coming singers , designers, actors ect  and of course big brother superfans and their plus ones! It was a riveting experience ! I sat front row and made sure I got my tv time by interacting and answering questions! ( I didn’t want to waste my experience! lol )

overall it was just plain AWESOME! 

[No my eyes were not closed haha it was just really sunny!]

This Weekend

Today there is a blogger meetup event in Hyde park which I have been planning to go to for over a month! , Unfortunatly sometimes babysitters fall through πŸ™ So i’m HOME today However I made the most of it by organising a live chat with my youtube subscribers! yay cant wait! 

As for my Social Media Organiser , it was quite sparse this week. I had so much going on with my events that I diddnt really have much time for social media! I had even planned to film a video for my main channel on thurday , but time got the best of me and I had to rush to get to London on time!


I did find time to create a new printable for my etsy store . I have really have been enjoying getting organised , so I decided to kick it up a notch and organise my days!

This printable is perfect for staying organised with my blog,Youtube and social media. I also threw in a few other things to help me reach my personal goals with weight and hydration. 

School is starting up soon and I really need to be organised if I want to juggle my social media, Youtube channels, Blog, studying , events and my daughters daycare needs! 

Ill be much more busier over the next few months but i’m loving it! 

[As you can see i’m already behind schedule with this blog post! lol  Not doing a  great job am I? lol ]

You can purchase this A5 printable here 

I also created it for a Personal Organiser ,which I released Today in my etsy store! 

So what do you think of tis weeks decor?
How was YOUR week?

Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo

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