A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 2

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I have to say, I am LOVING this new series , it’s so much fun decorating my organisers and it seems like you guys really enjoy seeing it decorated too!

This week we are adding in my second organsier and I thought I should tell you what each one is for .

My organisers are from Paperchase.

 I have a Personal size (pictured above) and an A5 size (pictured below) 

I use my personal sized organiser to plan out any appointments, meetings and blogger events i’m going to , shopping trips and general personal tasks. 

I will also be using this for school planning (homework ect..) 

My A5 planner is used to organise anything social media related. 

This includes my blog , twitter , Youtube channels ect.  

I generally have a lot going on in this planner and I set myself at least 4 tasks a day.

To sum up this week 

I got involved in a twitter chat every night , with thursday being the most intense. I was able to get some design work and organising printables created for Birmingham Blogger Meet 

(my blogger event coming up in september ).

 You can read about it HERE  or just check out some of the tweets from the bloggers attending on twitter using #bhmbloggermeet

I was able to get a few Youtube videos up for my Second channel SIMMING WITH ABBI .

You can see that I like to put a box next to each task and I check them off as I get them done , However sometimes I just can’t fit everything into my day, so ill cross those tasks off.

 This Week I added in a few printables that I designed. 

1.I created a Blog Post Topic Schedule

I needed something to spruce up my planner even more and I thought the weekly topic planned would be a great way to do that!  You can purchase this printable here 

2. I created a “Get It Done” To Do List last week and made great use of it this morning!  I created it for the weekend as that is the time I get the most things done , and that happens to be the smallest part of the organsier! (what sense does that make?)

I will be posting the Get it Done Printbale here on the blog tomorrow!  

So be sure to come back and download as it will be FREE 🙂

That’s it guys! What do you think of this weeks Decor!?

Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo

Don’t forget to come and find me on INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE & twitter!  xo 

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