A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 9

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Hiya Everyone!

As always I like to have some kind of blogging event going on every week, and this week I was invited to an exclusive blogging event at LUSH Solihull. Unfortunately as the last minute my babysitting fell through so I couldn’t go! 🙁

Aside from that I spent the week catching up on coursework and my fav tv shows!


I had a business phone call with the Director of EtailPR network . We discussed #bhmbloggermeet and the possibility of future collaborations which was awesome!


I had a business meeting with an investor for a new company i’m starting . I’m really excited to tell you i’m coming up with my own stationery line! I’m still thinking of what to call it but I think i’m just going to go with my name ABBIGAYLE WARNER … hopefully it gives the same effect like “Jessica Simpson”

Some of you guys already use planner printables and designs I sell in my Etsy store but Ill be coming up with a fully fledged business and events company! Ill be putting on tons of blogger events and ill be designing a BLOGGER ORGANISER! yes I said it MY VERY OWN ORGANISER . It will look similar to a filofax but it will be catered towards bloggers , youtubers and anyone looking to increase traffic in their social media accounts!

I also headed to the Leather factory that will be making the organisers and got tons of swatches. I had them all cutdown to size so I could add them to my keychain!

I cant wait to launch my organisers for you all , It’s going to be awesome! Ill be having a launch party for the product late november , Just in time for christmas! So keep close because i’ll be sending out invites to bloggers very soon! 


 .I completely re organised my tumblr accounts and went on a 6k campaign for my WEHEARTIT account . I started at 5536 followers at the start of the week , and as of 10 minutes ago I reached >>>> 6005 <<<<

All in all, I had a pretty successful campaign!

Today Ill be starting a new Instagram account to showcase my coursework and typography journal pages!  I look forward to seeing how that progresses and hopefully it will give me a bit of an edge over the other classmates!


LINO CUT of my Initials. ATW . It was my first time creating a Lino Cut so I expected to run into a few issues! Initially I had created the cut backwards! So I had to start again , however i’m glad I did as this one came out much better than the last. I knew I wanted to challenge myself to do a harder font  than your typical san serif font.  I can’t wait to get into class and print it , I’m curious to see how it turns out!

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So that is it for my week! How was yours?

Also from looking at the swatches what colour leather is your fav?!

Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo

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Lotsa Love 


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