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Leaving out to go to my first event of the year hosted by my lovely friends at @thebodyshopuk also wearing my floral dress in honour of my #friendiversary with @eskaybeauty 🙂

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It’s been a long time coming for this post as I took a healthy break from the blog over christmas.
I literally spent all my time prior focusing on coursework, so once I had a christmas break it threw my organisation completely off.  (I know .. completely unlike me)
That being said i’m back on track now and cant wait to start getting tons of posts up for you all!

What better way than to go to a blogging event! 

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I headed to The Bodyshop Birmingham Bull Ring for a Detox Party!

As soon as I arrived I whipped out my camera and had a little nose around. We were offered herbal tea while we waited, which was perfect for me because it was freezing cold and I desperately needed to warm up! 

  I found the new poppy range and had a quick try . I instantly fell in love with the black magic blush (not the official name but it literally works like magic) I applied it to my wrist and it goes on black and then adjusts to the perfect blush shade for your skin! It’s absolutely amazing!
 After my little  browse it was time to start the festivities. We all gathered to hear about the new range along with how we could officially get “detoxed” for the night. Me having a full face of makeup, I was hesitant at first to get any pampering done , for the sake of photographs!
lol BUT I gave in eventually and had a full on pamper session!

 I knew going in there that ultimately I was looking for a new face mask . I know this sounds crazy but I feel like I don’t fully clean my skin enough . I generally just use a toner and makeup remover , and rarely do I use a deep cleanser or a face mask!
So I decided to go on a hunt for the perfect face mask for my skin. I tested the ionic clay facemask first on my wrist . It smells amazing , and  goes on in a grey tone. Like any other clay mask it hardens after about 10 mins and then you have to wash it off with warm water. I found that this mask left my skin feeling soft , but then after about 15 mins it was dry again.  Although it didn’t work out perfectly for me, I still chose to purchase a small single use sample size of the product. I wanted to see how it works on my face. ( currently testing at this moment lol)

 Next I tried the honey and oat mask on my had which also provided a nice moisture  but not enough. I love that it has actual oats in it, because although i’m sure this is not the case , it feels like its really penetrating into your skin when you scrub it and the feeling is awesome!

Finally I tested the new drops of youth mask which is amazing! It can be used as a 20 min face mask or an overnight sleeping mask! After cleansing and toning at night , just place it on your skin , let it sit for about 10 mins and then go to sleep! In the morning you will feel like a million bucks! 

(I think! … I haven’t actually tested it yet lol )

Following this I had a skincare consult and met the lovely staff at the bull ring store! We chatted and they suggested I try a Vitamin E mask as it provides the most moisture for my dry skin!

I had a facial done and then followed with my makeup re done! Which was actually very relaxing! 

Overall it was a really fun night and the perfect way to kick of my 2015 year of blogging! I’m now officially DE STRESSED and ready to dig my head into working and more working! I cant wait!

How have you started off your 2015?

What are your resolutions! I’d love to read them! If you have made a blog post about your goals for 2015 please leave the link in the comments so I can read too! 

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Lotsa Love 


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