7 Shaving Mistakes millennials make because Adulting is hard!

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It’s that time of the week again, where the bush needs to be trimmed and your legs need to be smoothed! It’s the moment we dread because we could end up in pain from cuts. Oh the things we do for beauty. What if I told you, you could actually avoid the pain? Harry’s shaving has put together a list of common mistakes we all make when shaving and how to avoid them! No more drama  just silky smooth results! Here are 7 shaving mistakes millennials make because Adulting is just straight up hard! Keep reading to find out more .

9 Common Shaving Mistakes Millenials Make beacuase Adulting is hard | LuxeMillennial.com


7 Millennial Shaving Mistakes

01. Mistake​: Not prepping the skin/hair appropriately.

Ever just splashed water on your legs then went to town with the razor? A splash of water won’t do the trick.!  Try shaving while in the shower,  the steam will leave your skin feeling soft enough to shave! Sometimes more prep is required , this way your’e eliminating the HAIR not your SKIN.

02.Shaving Mistakes​ :Improperly navigating your grain pattern, or knowing which way your hair grows.

How to avoid​: Let your hair grow out enough so you can physically feel the way your hair is growing if you slide your
finger across the skin.

When shaving, the first pass of the shave should go with the grain when the hair is at its longest. The following pass should go against the grain when the hair is shorter and there are less dead skin cells to get in the way. This process should relieve any tug and pull on the skin while leaving the area smooth.

03. Shaving Mistakes​ : Putting too much pressure on your skin while shaving

Look we’ve all done it! Somehow pushing harder on the razor means we’ll get a deeper shave and magically means our hair will take longer to grow . FALSE it will actually lead to unwanted cuts and nicks. This may be the most common mistake we all make, but it’s the easiest to avoid.

How to avoid​: I know it’s hard not to think that applying more pressure will get more of your stubble, but it’s actually the opposite. Gently gliding the razor across your skin will work the best for a close shave.

04. Shaving Mistakes​ : Using too much or too little shaving cream

If you’re using too little of the product, your hair may not soften up enough, causing a rougher shave. Or the opposite, if you’re using too much of the product, it can become a slippery mess and a red flag for cuts.

How to avoid​: When applying shaving cream, using an almond-sized portion will allow for the smooth shave you’re looking for. If the surface you’re shaving is a little larger, adding a tiny bit more should do the trick.

❖ Helpful tip: Using shaving products that also provide hydration, like Harry’s Shaving Gel, will help eliminate irritation. They use natural ingredients like aloe and cucumber that hydrate and refresh your skin!


There are a ton of shaving products out there , its just up to you to find the best ones!  Here are my top recommended shaving creams

05. Shaving Mistakes​ : Using soap or body wash

So you’re waiting for payday and Logically you think ahhh soap always works for everything, so surely these shaving products are made of soap.. right? .. What might seem like a good idea when you’re out of shaving products or waiting for payday, will actually cause trauma to your skin!  Don’t do it!

How to avoid​: Although soaps and shaving creams feel and look like they have similar properties, soap removes dirt & oil
from the skin, working against your shave. On the other hand, shaving products provide moisture and slip agents to
decrease friction. Stick to shaving products — you (and your skin) won’t be disappointed

06. Shaving Mistakes ​: Leaving your razor on the shower ledge or bathroom sink

These places are a hub for where bacteria and water are flying around contantly! You will
diminish the value of the razor, leaving it dirty and dull.

How to avoid​: Store your razor in an area where there is limited water exposure. This doesn’t mean to throw your razor
into a drawer where bacteria can live. Opt for a quality razor stand, like this one from Harry’s. It’s designed to keep your
razor above water while leaving it on display!

07. Shaving Mistakes​ Using your razor longer than you’re supposed to

Why do we do this? Why do we hold on to our razors for months and never change the head?  Doing this will cause more cuts and nicks than you’re expecting. Most people aren’t sure when to actually switch out your razors.

How to avoid​: We recommend to change your razor blade every 6-8 shaves. By using a subscription service like Harry’s to receive quality razors, you’ll never have to worry about when to switch out your razor again. Being able to customize your own delivery schedule based on how often you’d like to receive new razors is convenient for everyone.




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