5 instagram Hashtags Every Single Female Needs

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These days being single is more common than you think. Girls just aren’t finding quality men, and Men are waiting longer to settle down. Why? Who knows, it’s the lonely reality of twenty something millennials wondering where bae at? Until then we can drool over the wannabe baes through instagram hashtags!

Either way, us single females have to stick together! So I thought I would compile a short list of :

My top 5 Instagram Hashtags for the single independent Chick!

*who doesn’t need a man but can’t help but wander what it would be like to have a hunk in their life …just saying*

Now that Instagram let’s you FOLLOW hashtags this is the perfect opportunity to Spruce up your feed !


OK so we may not have a man, but theres no harm in looking at what we desire .This hashtag is full of sexy hot bods that will leave you drooling!

five instagram hashtags for every single girl| Luxemillennial.com


 I LOVE this hashtag because it never fails to make me laugh! When you need a little pick-me-up, head to this hashtag and find thousands of other girls who are literally going through the same issues as you. We have more in common than you think!

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I think this hashtag speaks for itself. We all love an aesthetically pleasing room. I always have a browse of this hashtag daily to see if someone has come up with new ideas I can get inspired by!

I cant speak for the lot of us, but I know I like to change things and switch things up every 6 months or so. Being single means we can decorate they way WE want, and not have to consider a Male’s perspective! .. Unless that’s what you’re into.

five instagram hashtags for every single girl| Luxemillennial.com



This one is for the days when you miss having a special spooning partner. All of us single girls have that one random day out of the month. Where we aren’t thinking about work,  or thinking about ways to further ourselves as strong independent women. We sometimes sit back and think, it would be nice to have a little something something! If this is you, either distract yourself with some Netflix, Amazon video ect; OR check out this hashtag and get excited about what you could have in the future!


five instagram hashtags for every single girl| Luxemillennial.com



My numero uno hashtag! Right now i’m all about boosting my career and this hashtag provides me with all the daily motivation I need! Young powerful women , inspiring others!

five instagram hashtags for every single girl| Luxemillennial.com

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five instagram hashtags for every single girl| Luxemillennial.com


What are your top hashtags!?

Sound off in the comments below and let’s chat!



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